Use Flight Tracker online for free and track live flights!

Flight tracker: Useful and simple

Flight tracker: It has never been so easy to track flights! Whether you want to watch the flight from your friends or family is now easy with the flight tracker. It allows you to track a particular aircraft in real time, and quite simply and clearly with the flight radar. The flight tracker allows you to track all relevant flights around the world. Thus you have with the Flighttracker all aircraft at a glance. This is not only extremely useful, but also a lot of fun!

The best thing about the flight tracker is that it is completely free to use and you can use many features for free. Among other things, you can see on the flight map not only when and where, which plane takes off, but also when and where it lands. That’s why the Flight tracker is so practical and easy to use.

Flight tracker – features and features

Even without instructions, the Flightradar has the overview with the Flight tracker after just a few minutes. As a result, just about anyone with no prior knowledge can track flights online. With the live flight radar, the flight tracker provides flight data in real time. By clicking on the “plus” symbol you can zoom in on the flight map and by clicking on the “minus” symbol, in the top left corner of the flighttracker, you can enlarge the image. This allows you to use the flight tracker to precisely identify and determine the position of the aircraft.

The Flight tracker also offers the possibility to zoom in on an airport of your choice and to see if your plane has already been launched and there are delays. Once the plane is in the air, you can watch it live with the flight tracking on the flight radar. All this with just one click on the plane. The flight tracker also has the function that you also get notice of delays of landing times and thus is always up to date.

Special features of the flight tracker

With the online flight tracker, you can even see the current altitude and speed of the selected aircraft on which it is located. It is quite fascinating to see so many flying planes at the same time on the flight map and so it comes as no surprise that the Flighttracker inspires more and more people.

You can see with the free flight tracker, whether it is a scheduled flight, or a private jet. This not only excites aviation fans, but also arouses the interest in flight movements around the world. This online flighttracker gives everyone the chance to get an insight into the flight movements free of charge.

Insider tip for flight tracking

Zooming in makes finding your plane easier on the flight tracker. If you click on it on the flight map, the complete flight details are displayed. The insider tip for the free Flight tracker is when you click on the icon at the bottom left corner. Then all other flight movements will be hidden and you can comfortably track only your flight. Thus, you will not be distracted by the other current flight movements.

Free online flight tracker

As you may have read above, the online flighttracker is free. You do not have to spend a penny to track your flights! Instead of spending a lot of money to track flights on a flight radar, you can use many functions of the flight tracker for free here. There are almost all important flight information from the data to see.

Airplane observation can be very useful

Apart from people watching the flights of their family members and friends, drone aircraft also use the flight tracker. Also for drone pilots it can make sense to observe flight movements nearby. Nevertheless, drone aviators should stick to the maximum height required by law, even if they use a flight tracker.

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