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Flight radar – Live flight tracking

The flight radar allows virtually every person, from the comfort of their own home, to track the flights of friends or family. Whether your husband is on a business trip or your parents are traveling on a well deserved summer holiday, that’s no problem! With the flight radar you even have access to the latest data, such as departure, arrival, delays, etc.

That is how Flightradar24 came into being

Two Swedes who wanted to call themselves flight enthusiasts wanted to know which plane is flying overhead and where it is currently traveling. Unfortunately, this information was not accessible to them. They knew, however, that every flying object is equipped with a transponder, via which data the flight route, flight altitude, airspeed, etc. is transmitted. Often, the so-called ADS-B technique (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) is used. Thus, the two Swedes used this transmitted information and thus came up with the idea for Flightradar24.

This is how Flightradar24 works

Flightradar24 works very easy and uncomplicated! It gives everyone direct access to the flight map, where all civil aircraft movements are located. A transponder, which is in each civilian aircraft, transmits a signal, which is freely accessible to the public, which makes it possible to determine the flight position. Due to the fact that it is a civilian signal and not a military one, it uses certain services, such as Flightradar24, to track the flight movements. The great thing about it is that this aircraft radar makes it freely available to the public, and even for free.

Is flight radar free & legal?

With Flightradar24 you can track all flights very simply and for free and see where your loved ones are at the moment. Even small delays of the flight can be seen exactly at Flightradar24 and will therefore always be kept up to date. It will be charged only if extensions to be booked.

This type of flight tracking is legal and almost any aircraft can be tracked with it, except military aircraft and heads of state, but these are not displayed on this flight radar.

So flight radar is operated

It’s a lot easier than you imagine! To track flights for free with a PC, tablet, or smartphone, all you have to do is have an internet connection. You can either go directly to Flightradar24 on the internet, or download the App from Flightradar24. Of course, you can also use it on other websites offering the services of a flight radar, such as this website. The whole thing is free and does not require much prior knowledge.

  1. Scale and move the map

Once you have the flight map in front of you, you can immediately search for the plane or the airport. This works best if you zoom closer. This can be done for example with the “plus” symbol right in the corner. To zoom in again just use the “minus” symbol next to it.


  1. Click on the aircraft & retrieve flight data

As soon as you click on an airplane, many important data about the aircraft itself and the flight appear. This is very convenient because you have, among other things, the departure and arrival times in front of you. In addition, Flightradar24 offers the function, small delays of the flight can be seen clearly displayed. On the other hand, it is very interesting, because you can even see the current altitude and airspeed.


  1. Search for airports and regions

To find out which flying machine is currently in your region, you can use the search box to search specifically for the airport in your area. After doing this, Flight radar should update the map automatically. However, if it does not work for whatever reason, scale and move as described in point 1.


  1. Track selected flights

If you want to find a specific plane because relatives or acquaintances are flying with it, simply enter the appropriate flight name in the search field and Flightradar will then show you the flight you are looking for.

Plane departure arrivals

Flight radar apps & alternatives

The Flightradar24 app has been downloaded more than 30 million times, making it the number one flight radar app in over 140 countries.


5 known alternatives are:

  1. FlightAware
  2. Flight View
  3. FlightStats
  4. AirNav radar box
  5. Flight Tracker

Airplane radar at home – Filghtradar use

The aircraft has become a very popular and frequently used means of transport in the modern world. It is hard to imagine, because a flight can be more comfortable than many a longer drive. That’s why this means of transport has prevailed over the air. Not only is it very pleasant and comfortable, but it is also very fast and allows passengers to get from A to B very quickly. With this huge advance of technology in the last centuries, everyday objects have evolved. Now it’s time for us to watch our loved ones’ flights from home on their PC or smartphone. As with the Flightradar24.

Flightradar24 interesting for Planespotter and drone aviators

Of course, flight radar is aimed at air passengers and aviation enthusiasts, but also at plane despot and drone planes and also all others who would like to follow free and live flights. Planespotter can use Flight radar live to track the desired aircraft and thus hope for the perfectly timed photo. Drone pilots like to use Flightradar24 to check whether the airspace is clear and the air traffic is not impaired.

Books about Flight radar

  • Inside Cockpit: Pilots – Technology – Teamwork
  • The big book of the airlines
  • Airports of the world: All major airports: history, facts and functions
  • The big book of aircraft types: civil – military – worldwide